Saturday, December 13, 2014

How to order an Ambidextrous Glove for switch pitching

Pat Vindette, the famous major league switch pitcher, uses a custom ambidextrous baseball glove made by Mizuno in Japan. Custom-made glove are very expensive and usually take four to six weeks for delivery.

In college, Vindette used a custom Louisville Slugger TPX Ambidextrous glove ($400). The  leather glove has 6-fingers, with 4-finger holes plus two thumb loops. It looks cool and was easy to change from one hand to the other. See the video: Double-Handed Pitcher

How to order a Ready-made Ambidextrous Glove:

Akadema Pro Soft Ambidextrous Glove - ABX00

Akadema, based in the USA, makes the only ready-to-order ambidextrous glove on the market. You can order the Akadema ABX00 online:
with free shipping from (List price: 119.99)

(Dec 2014) prices are subject to change

How to order a Custom Made Ambidextrous Glove:

Louisville Slugger Ambidextrous Glove

You can custom order the Louisville Slugger Ambidextrous Glove for $399.99 by calling 1-800-282-2287 and a representative will be happy to assist you. (updated June 2012)


Mizuno Ambidextrous Glove

Mizuno GMP1A Ambidextrous Baseball Glove

The suggested retail price for the Mizuno GMP1A is $450 and it takes 4-6 weeks to make.

See photos of the Mizuno GMP 1A ambidextrous glove


Carpenter Trade Ambidextrous Glove

Carpenter Trade crafts light-weight custom ambi gloves to fit each individual. 

The ambidextrous model measures 11.75″ and has a shallow pocket. This symmetrical design will fit either the left or right hand.

Cost: $599 with FREE DELIVERY to the 48 contiguous United States.

Learn more at


Barraza Pro Ambidextrous Glove

Barraza - Personalized, Handcrafted Ambidextrous Baseball Glove 
12.75" pitcher glove, 100% Top-grain cowhide leather.
$199.95 includes free shipping. Personalize the glove for $14.95
Order online from


Rawlings Ambidextrous Glove?

Rawlings made custom baseball gloves for amateur pitchers in the past, but these are  expensive and took about 6 weeks to deliver. I don't know if Rawlings still makes any ambidextrous baseball gloves. Add a comment below if you have purchased a Rawlings ambidextrous glove in the past year.


  1. Hello there coach knight! I have a question. Which glove should I get a lefty first base mitt or a lefty pitchers glove. I am not to overly confident in my ambidextrous pitching abilities, I think the first base mitt will help me fielding and feeling wise; however, the problem is I'm mainly a pitcher so I want to get the lefty pitchers glove. What should I do

  2. A lefty fielding glove will give you more options (pitcher, outfield, infield) than a special first base mitt. You can also buy a used first base glove if needed. Good luck.

  3. Is there a number I could call to get a ambidextrous barraza baseball mitt. The link is outdated

  4. Barraza might not be making the ambi glove, but you can contact:

  5. how long does it take for Barraza pro to make deliver the ambidextrous baseball glove to southern california

  6. A custom glove takes 6-8 weeks for delivery - depending on when and where the glove is ordered. I think the Akadema ambidextrous glove is an affordable option.