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Long Toss Programs

Long toss is a systematic throwing routine

Jaeger Sports
Jaeger Sports is well know for their long toss program. 

Throwing is a lost art. Throwing isn't something that we should do "just" to get our arms loose.
The key to a good throwing program is learning how to listen or "follow" your arm. 
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   Long Toss Step by Step

   Throwing Programs of Elite Pitchers

Crossover Pre-Season Throwing Program

The ultimate goal of the Crossover Symmetry throwing program is to maintain arm health while building a strong foundation in the pre-season.

Long toss throwing program for high school pitchers


The Facts Behind Long Toss
By Kyle Boddy, Driveline Baseball

Long toss has become a hotly-debated topic as it pertains to training baseball pitchers and position players alike. Popularized by Alan Jaeger, recent proponents of “extreme” long toss include 2011 MLB draft standouts Trevor Bauer and Dylan Bundy, who both have no problem getting the ball out there 300+ feet on a regular basis. Read more

Long toss is simply playing catch.

By Alan Jaeger, Special to Collegiate Baseball

Alan Jaeger  contacted hundreds of high profile baseball players and coaches on the high school and college levels to find out what throwing programs they utilize. 

The Long Toss Revolution Is Here
Source: | May 2011
By Greg Schaum

This is an article about how the cutting edge training programs available to amateur players (via schools like Vanderbilt, Rice, UCLA, Texas, Fullerton, Stanford, ASU, and others) well educated high school programs, the internet, and independent coaches is outdating many of the throwing programs at the professional levels. More specifically, this is an article about a belief system at baseball’s highest level that’s in need of change.

By Mike Reinold
I wrote this article for one simple reason – there is no such thing as the best baseball long toss program.  Everyone wants one, but it just doesn’t exist.  Everyone is different, including their body type, size, age, experience, and mechanics. 
By Eric Cressey
Learn why long toss doesn't work well for everyone - and how to avoid the common pitfalls of long toss in a throwing program.

By LOU PAVLOVICH JR, | Oct. 1, 2005 issue of Collegiate Baseball
One of the key reasons why Russell County High School (Seale, Ala.) rolled to a 38-1 record last season and won the Easton Sports National High School championship was pitching.
A big reason for the success of the pitching staff and its velocity improvement has been an innovative long toss program initiated by Head Coach Tony Rasmus. The long toss program paid huge dividends for his athletes in the way of velocity gains as well as arm and shoulder health.

Why 120' long toss is not enough 

By Alan Jaeger
Covers the reason we need a better long toss approach, and how to remove the constraints.

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