Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Akadema Ambidextrous Glove video

Akadema Pro Soft Ambidextrous Glove: Model ABX00

(update: about 100 Akadema ambidextrous gloves are made each year)

See the Akadema Ambidextrous Baseball Glove in action.
HS switch pitcher Henry Knight has been using the Akadema ambi glove for 3 years.

Akadema Six-fingered Glove - Used by a College Switch Pitcher

The Akadema ambidextrous glove is used by college switch pitcher Ryan Perez, who throws over 90 mph with each arm.

Watch the CBS feature on Perez >>

How to Order

Order the Akadema Ambidextrous Glove from ($100 & free shipping)

This is the only ready-to-order ambidextrous baseball glove on the market.

Note that the glove fits an adult and is too big for most players under 13 years old.


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