Saturday, July 30, 2016

Top High School Switch Pitchers 2018

Henry Knight switch pitcher
Henry Knight throws 6 pitches for strikes from both sides

Switch Pitchers - Class of 2018

A few very talented players have the ability to pitch with either arm in high school baseball games. Switch pitchers are extremely rare, since it takes coordination, dedication and a lot of practice. 

Check out the list of ambidextrous high school baseball players from the class of 2018. Two players have already committed to top D1 programs.


Kristofer ArmstrongThe Benjamin SchoolJupiter, Florida
Armstrong is both a switch pitcher and a switch hitter. A natural right-hander, he started throwing left-handed when he was 9 years old. He plays shortstop and throws 87 mph right-handed. His father, Jack Armstrong, was a professional pitcher for seven years. 
College Commitment: Florida

Anthony Seigler,  Cartersville HS, Cartersville, Georgia
Seigler is an infielder, catcher and pitcher who throws in the high 80s. Switch pitcher on varsity as a freshman, including pitching in a double-header. Also a rare switch hitter.
College Commitment: Auburn

Roland Ryan, Knoxville West HS, Tennessee
Ryan won two games in a day, one throwing left-handed and the other right-handed. The 6'3" 210 lb pitcher has more movement from the left side, but more velocity on the right.

Andrew Wilhite, Stillman Valley HS, Illinois
Wilhite is an ambidextrous thrower who mainly pitches right-handed. Only pitches with one arm in a game. Plays shortstop and hits left-handed.


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