Friday, July 1, 2016

Baseball tryouts: Tips for making the team

Are you getting ready for a baseball tryout?

Here are some helpful tips from baseball coaches on making a good first impression.

- practice hitting, throwing and fielding, a least two weeks before the tryout
- be prepared, have everything ready the day before the tryout
- dress like a baseball player (baseball pants, jersey, cap, cleats)
- wear a shirt with your name on the back
- plan to learn something new
- show up 30 minutes early
- relax and have fun

Coaches are looking for skilled players, with a positive attitude - who are coachable

- listen carefully, be coachable
- introduce yourself to the coaches, shake their hands
- pay attention and look the coach in the eye
- ask and answer questions
- focus on the skill
- have a positive attitude
- hustle everywhere

Bonus Points
- be a leader
- support your teammates
- show your love of the game

- talk with the catcher before you pitch
- make sure to warmup first
- take your time and use good mechanics
- make adjustments
- change speed and location
- follow through and finish the pitch
- keep the ball low in the strike zone
- first pitch strike

- have a plan before you step in the batter's box
- wait for a good pitch to hit
- trust your swing
- focus on hitting line drives
- 65% of pitches are on the outer half - hit to the opposite field
- make solid contact - don't swing for the fences
- run the bases hard

- make the routine plays
- move on every hit
- stay focused
- talk on every play - communication is important

- footwork is very important
- be ready and in position to make the play
- call the fly ball by yelling - "ball, ball, ball"
- set your feet, make a good throw, follow through
- take your time to make accurate throws
- backup other fielders
- chase after missed balls
- show you can play multiple positions

Mental Game
- set goals for the season
- don't think too much
- try not to over react when you strikeout or make an error
- stay positive 

Make a Good Impression
- set yourself apart 
- do something to make a good lasting impression
- help the coaches carry equipment
- volunteer to fill a spot in the field
- hustle - run fast on and off the field

- listen carefully
- look the coach in the eye when they are speaking
- shake the coaches hand and thank them after the tryout
- let the coaches know why you want to join the team
- talk with players on the team, see what they like and don't like about the team

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  1. Great tips on baseball tryouts. My son is trying out for a traveling team next week. He is a great player but gets nervous during the tryouts. Maybe he will be less nervous if I have him read over this article before he goes to the tryouts!