Monday, July 13, 2015

Pitching Inside

Reason to pitch inside:

- make the batter uncomfortable
- expand the strike zone
- keep the batter guessing
- miss the barrel of the bat

High school batters tend to pull slow inside pitches foul and get jammed by fastballs thrown up and inside. They have trouble timing the inside pitch since 70% of pitches are thrown middle-away.

Pitching inside makes hitters uncomfortable in the box. Most players are afraid to get hit by a pitch, especially the high fastball.

Perry Husband states that pitching inside adds to the effective velocity of the pitch - the pitch is perceived as being faster. He says that low and away is easier to hit than a pitch up and inside.

Here is one person's view on pitching inside:

"I believe you pitch inside to protect the outer half.  You must pitch IN so you can pitch away.  You are basically using your FB in to proctect your FB away.

I think of it like this.

If you and I ate dinner next to each other every night and you reached over and grabbed food off of my plate and I never did anything about it you would continue to reach over and grab food off of my plate.

Well one night you reach over and I stab your hand with a fork.  You will now think twice before feeling comfortable enough to reach over and grab my food again. You are not going to feel comfortable just reaching over.

I think of it as the FB in is the fork and the outer half is my food.  I'm going to protect the outer half.  I need it to survive."


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