Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Phillip Ernst - Perryville, Missouri

Little League ambidextrous pitcher Phillip Ernst is naturally left-handed, but has the ability to pitch with both arms. He is also a switch hitter, like other ambidextrous players.

Phillip Ernst, 12 year-old Ambidextrous Pitcher  (Source: KFVS 12)

Phillip Ernst
Perryville, MO

Positions: LHP/RHP
Bats: Switch
Throws: Both (ambidextrous)

Gloves: uses two gloves to pitch right- or left-handed. He leaves one glove on the backside of the mound when pitching.

Ambidextrous pitcher keeps batters guessing
By Justin Hotop | Perryville News

Phillip’s baseball team is low on kids who can pitch for the year, so the team gets a boost in the fact that he can pitch with both arms.
“The team really needed more pitchers this year,” she said. 
“Pitchers are only allowed 75 pitches per game but he is able to throw 150 with both hands
“It has really helped the team out when they need someone to come in and pitch a few innings.
Note about Pitch Counts: Little League pitchers have the same pitch count limit which depends on their age. Ambidextrous pitchers are NOT allowed to throw twice as many pitches in a game.

Ambidextrous pitcher takes the mound in Perryville
Written by Nick Chabarria | kfvs12.com, 17 July 2015
PERRYVILLE, MO (KFVS) - One Perryville baseball player has twice the workload when it comes to refining his pitching mechanics.

Phillip Ernst is ambidextrous, meaning he can pitch with both his left and right hand effectively.

"And I'll just switch hands and everybody will ‘yell new pitcher,’” Ernst said. “But really it's just new hand."

Ernst prefers his left hand for things like writing and eating, but he has no problems commanding his right on the mound.

"I think the reason I started with my right hand is because I thought my brothers are right-handed so I thought, ‘well I'm just going that way.’"

Watch the video

Phillip Ernst, 12, has the special ability to pitch 
with both his left and right hand. (Source: KFVS 12)

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