Sunday, June 28, 2015

Coach Mike Kinnison is ambidextrous

Mike Kinnison

Delta State head baseball coach Mike Kinnison can throw with both right and left hands in batting practice.

Throwing from both arms proves beneficial for Kinnison

17 Jun 2015 Written by Andy Collier
Being ambidextrous is a unique trait for any human being.
Not everyone can do things effectively with both hands. In baseball, there are several hitters that can hit well from either side of the plate, but not many can throw a ball effectively from both the right and left arm.
Delta State head baseball coach Mike Kinnison is one of those individuals that can throw from either hand.
Kinnison's abilities have always made an impression on his former coach and Boston Red Sox Hall of Famer Dave "BooFerriss, who is also ambidextrous.

Coach's Corner with Mike Kinnison - YouTube


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