Wednesday, March 12, 2014

All about Ambidextrous baseball gloves

Baseball Glove Options for Switch Pitchers
Looking for a glove for a switch pitcher?
Read about glove options for ambidextrous pitchers, based on age.

Many switch pitchers use two separate gloves - 11.5"-12" size - until they are in high school.

Ambidextrous baseball gloves >>

Do you want a custom six-finger glove like Pat Venditte?

Learn how to order a custom-made Mizuno Ambidextrous Glove.

Mizuno GMP1A Ambidextrous Glove $450+

Do you want an inexpensive ready-to-order six-finger glove?

A quality ambidextrous glove is available from Akadema (ABX-00: Ambidextrous, 12" model $120). My son uses the 12" model - the only option available. This is a stock leather glove, but you will not find these in any stores. Order online from Akadema or Amazon. They only produce about 100 ambi glove a year (made in China). You can have a smaller custom glove made by Akadema for around $200. Visit
Akadema Ambidextrous Glove $130


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