Monday, March 10, 2014

Baseball tryouts: Making a good first impression

Are you getting ready for a baseball tryout?

Here are some tips from select team coaches on making a good first impression.


- dress like a baseball player (baseball pants, jersey, cap, cleats)
- wear a shirt with your last name on the back
- show up 30 minutes early
- have a plan

Coaches are looking for skilled players, with a positive attitude - who are coachable

- introduce yourself to the coaches, and shake hands
- pay attention and look the coach in the eye
- have a positive attitude
- hustle everywhere - all the time

Bonus Points
- be a leader
- support your teammates
- play with lots of energy

Make a Lasting Impression
- focus on one pitch at a time
- play hard and make the routine plays
- help the coaches carry equipment
- volunteer to play any position
- show your passion for the game

- listen carefully - look the coach in the eye when they are speaking
- ask questions - coaches love to teach
- answer questions - share your knowledge of the game
- shake the coaches hand and thank them after the tryout
- let the coaches know why you want to join the team

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