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Nardi Contreras is ambidextrous

Former Yankees minor league pitching coordinator Nardi Contreras is ambidextrous.

Chatting with Nardi Contreras - by Josh Norris
Nardi Contreras (Flickr Photo)

Q: With Pat Venditte, how unique a challenge is that for you, to take an ambidextrous pitcher and try to develop him for the major leagues? 

In other words, how long does it take to develop two arms?

A: It’s just using it, that’s all it is. I’m ambidextrous. I’ve got an inning in pro ball left-handed. I’ve played outfield and first base in pro ball left-handed. I grew up doing it. I didn’t pitch much doing it. I was a switch-hitter and a switch-pitcher.

My catcher growing up, who went to the big leagues for the Cardinals, Giants and Expos, John Tamargo, was my No. 3 hitter — I was the No. 4 hitter — and he was the same way, ambidextrous and a switch-hitter.

Q: So how’d you develop that ability?

A: Just growing up doing it with my father. Since I pitched a lot, he saw a lot of power in my right arm, so he said ‘Let’s use your left arm so you can play other positions,’ and a lot of practice. That’s what Venditte had to do too. His power arm is his right arm and he tricks them with his left hand.

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(source: Mike Ashmore's Thunder Thoughts)

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Nardi Contreras Statistics and History -

Arnaldo Juan Contreras is a former professional baseball pitcher and coach. His brief time in Major League Baseball, as well as the majority of his time as a coach, came with the Chicago White Sox. .

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