Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Both handed pitchers

Both Handed Pitcher = Ambidextrous Pitcher

Switch pitcher Pat Venditte plays in the minor league 

In baseball, a switch pitcher or both-handed pitcher is an ambidextrous pitcher who is able to pitch with both the right and left hand from the pitcher's mound.

Baseball roster abbreviations

LHP - Left-Handed Pitcher
RHP - Right-Handed Pitcher
BHP - Both-Handed Pitcher

As a pitching coach, I prefer these abbreviations:

LHP/RHP - starter left-handed, reliever right-handed
RHP/LHP - starter right-handed, reliever left-handed

Pat Venditte is a Both-Handed Pitcher (BHP) in the minor leagues with the NY Yankees. He pitched left-handed for Italy in the 2013 World Baseball Classic.

Aubrey McCarty is a BHP at Vanderbilt University. He was drafted out of high school by the SF Giants in 2013, but decided to play college baseball.

Henry Knight is a switch pitcher and switch hitter at Franklin High School in Seattle. Knight switch pitched 11 innings in a summer league game – 4 innings lefty and 7 innings righty – averaging 11 pitches per inning.

The term "Both-handed pitcher" is rarely used. 
"Ambidextrous pitcher" is hard to say. 

"Switch pitcher " is the preferred term. 

Complete list of Switch Pitchers >>

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