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The Mental Side of Switch Pitching

The Mental Side of Switch Pitching

Pat Venditte is blazing a trail for switch pitchers. There is nobody like him in the pros.
He has a great attitude and is a very hard worker.


- be positive
- hustle
- strong work ethic
- learm from mistakes
- be a team player
- learn something daily
- thank your coaches


- first pitch strike
- focus on one pitch at a time
- make adjustments
- rely on fielders to make plays


- have fun playing the game
- enjoy your teammates
- relax, it's only a game
- show other players your ambidextrous glove

You will be called the "Freak" and other names.
Ignore them the best you can. Try wearing ear plugs - just kidding.
Be nice and smile. Answer any questions people may ask.

Q & A:

People will naturally ask questions like:

Why do you switch pitch?  (Give an honest answer)
Switch pitching is fun and it gives me an advantage.
My dad starting me throwing with both hands when I was three years old. 

What pitches do you throw for strikes?
Righty: 4-seam fastball, 2-seam fastball, changeup, curveball
Lefty: 4-seam fastball, 2-seam fastball, changeup, slider

Do you use a special glove?
Yes, would you like try it?

Where did you get your glove? How much did it cost?
My dad ordered my glove from Akadema. It costs $120. A custom-made glove can cost over $400.

What people are saying about ambidextrous pitchers.


“It’s not just the ability,” Swisher said. “But the huevos to do it in a major-league game.”

Braves catcher Brooks Conrad, a switch-hitter, presented a different challenge.

“How do I do this?” Conrad asked, before choosing a batter’s box.

“I don’t have overpowering stuff from either side,” he said. “And I think I really need this to be able to continue pitching.” - Pat Venditte

“I’m getting there, but I have a long way to go still,” he said. “I’ve only been in the lower levels of the minor leagues so far. I still have a lot to prove, but luckily I’ll have that opportunity to prove that.”

Comments by Tim McCarver:

Tim McCarver figures Pat Venditte's chances of someday making the New York Yankees as an ambidextrous pitcher comes with a catch.
"I think you have to wonder if people are going to get past the novelty of the act," said McCarver, the longtime Fox Sports Game of the Week baseball analyst.

"I'm not sure we're going to see him in the major leagues [anytime soon]," said McCarver. "But I think it's one of the most colorful stories we've had."

"And I can just imagine how the catcher must feel," laughed McCarver, who spent 21 MLB seasons behind the plate, "...trying to figure out which hand he's going to throw with next."

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