Thursday, August 16, 2012

What percentage of people are ambidextrous?

About one percent of people are ambidextrous. That's 1 in 100.

According to a research study in Finland that was published in the journal of Pediatrics, approximately one-in-100 people are ambidextrous, meaning they can use either hand for various (but not necessarily all) tasks with ease. 

The study involved nearly 8,000 children in Northern Finland, 87 of whom were mixed-handed, who completed questionnaires at ages 7 and 8, and again at 15 and 16. Since 90 percent of the population is right-handed, they compared both ambidextrous and left-handed individuals to this norm – right-handedness. (source:

What does being ambidextrous mean? 
To be ambidextrous means to be equally dextrous with either hand. That is, the ability to use both hands with equal skill and coordination. 
(alt.lefthanders FAQ)

What percentage of people are left-handed?
About 10% of people are left-handed.
Approximately, 90% of people are right-handed.

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