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Aiden McNasby - 8 year old switch pitcher

Aiden McNasby
Age: 8  (2011)
Little League Team: Roseville Pirates
School: Kaseberg Elementary, Roseville, CA

Aiden McNasby is a young pitcher who can throw strikes using either arm. That's right, he's a switch pitcher.

Dan, Aiden's father, said - "When I use to practice with him, he would throw with both arms. Put the ball in front of him - which ever hand he picked it up with he would throw it back to you  ... he would pick it up one time as a right, the next time he would do it as a left."

Aiden says that he can pitch really well with both hands.

When asked which hand is easier to throw with, Aiden responded:

  "I don't know what is the easiest part, all easiest parts."

  "I do three (pitches) with one batter, then when he gets out I switch."

Graylon Duncan, his pitching coach, said that Aiden doesn't really have a dominant side - "he's pretty standard from both sides."

Aiden is allowed to throw 40 pitches or two innings in a game at his age. In two innings that he pitched, he had three strike outs.

It's something that he is enjoying. His parents just want him to have fun.

A short video features Aiden using a six-finger Akadema glove that he uses to switch throwing arms.

Switch Pitcher Aiden McNasby featured on KCRA 3 News
report by Del Rodgers, May 24, 2011


Young pitcher slings it with both hands

Aiden McNasby, 8, is a lefty -- and righty -- in Roseville West Little League
by Kayla Nix / Roseville Press Tribune  5/25/11

Eight-year-old Aiden McNasby has quite a unique trait — he can pitch right-handed and left-handed.

As a toddler, Aiden would pick up things with both hands and eventually learned to throw with both.

“I was born throwing two pitches, pitching with both hands,” Aiden explained Saturday, dressed in his Pirates uniform for a Roseville West Little League game.


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