Monday, November 22, 2010

Where can I get an ambidextrous baseball glove?

A baseball glove for switch pitchers is available from Akadema

Until recently, ambi gloves were custom made and very expensive ($400 - $600), so players used two separate gloves. Now you can order a high quaility ambidextrous glove for $135 from Akadema or $100 from Amazon. This can be cheaper than owning two separate pitching gloves - plus it's really cool.

My son has been using an Akadema ambi glove for six months and likes being able to switch between throwing arms without changing gloves. The six-finger glove is stiff out of the box, and requires breaking in like other quality gloves. I tried it out and it's fun to use.

The glove doesn't have webbing like a standard glove - which is actually ok since it means you use two hands on the catch. When you get it down on the ground to snatch ground balls it fans out like a large scoop which is really nice. Sure beats the old flattened gloves.
Akadema's Ambidextrous Glove

12" Trap design. Each year Akadema makes a limited 100 gloves for Ambidextrous players.
Akadema website
Information about glove options for young ambidextrous players.

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