Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Pitching Tips

Pitching Tips:
- do dynamic warmups before pitching
- have a plan for each hitter 
- communicate with the catcher and know the signs
- keep the batter guessing; change the tempo  
- take your time, don't rush the delivery
- stay balanced and keep your head steady
- control the glove side - move your chest to the glove
- keep the elbow up and inline with the shoulder
- stay closed as long as possible 
- use the lower body to generate power
- keep the glove in front of your chest 
- follow through with the delivery
- relax and have fun

Practice, Practice, Practice 
- play long toss twice a week 
- do mirror drills to work to improve balance and mechanics
- get the mechanics perfected on the dominant side first, before switching to the other side
- if you don't have control of the fastball, then try slowing down a little 
- after you have the pitching mechanics down  - go faster
- work on developing a good changeup

- get feedback from a pitching coach

Get Help:
- learn from the best - checkout videos and pictures of Randy Johnson, Tom Seaver, Tom Glavine, Greg Maddux, Nolan Ryan and other 300 game winners.
- read books about pitching by Tom House 
  (The Picture Perfect Pitcher; The Pitching Edge; The Art & Science of Pitching)
- take pitching lessons from a coach who knows about good biomechanics
- get visual feedback: capture videos of your pitching technique, then have the coach review the video clips and make suggestions

Pitching Mechanics 101

Pitching Mechanics 101 explains how to teach proper pitching mechanics to new pitchers, regardless of their age.

Proper Pitching Mechanics
Proper pitching mechanics are those that allow a pitcher to throw the ball...
   1. As hard as necessary.
   2. With exceptional control.
   3. With exceptional movement.
   4. With exceptional deception.
...while minimizing the risk that the pitcher will experience an injury.

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