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Switch Pitching Videos

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Make sure to take pitching lessons from an expert before you start switch pitching. Many of the video clips posted online show young pitchers with very poor pitching mechanics, which will lead to arm or shoulder injury. Here are a few examples of good and poor pitching mechanics.

Switch Pitchers with good mechanics

Pat Venditte -  minor league switch pitcher
This is the switch pitcher featured all over the news. He was a walk-on pitcher for Creighton University, then was drafted by the NY Yankees organization.
Glove: Switch pitches using six-finger custom glove
Feature on Venditte

Venditte had instruction from college and pro pitching coaches, which helped to develop his mechanics. Note the good glove control - he blocks the glove out in front of his body.

Pat Venditte Northwoods League Allstar Game 2007
Venditte warming up left- and right-handed

Ambidextrous Pitcher Drew Vettleson
Features pitching and hitting videos of Drew when he was on the NW Timberjacks Baseball team.

Drew Vettleson has a high leg lift, long stride, stays closed and maintains good glove control when throwing right-handed. Sometimes the glove moves behind his back on the left-handed throws, then he adjusts the glove position after the pitch so he is ready to field the ball. 
Vettleson was selected in the recent MLB draft to play for the Rays organization and most likely will be an outfielder since he is a solid left-handed hitter.

Drew Vettleson selected No. 42 overall in Major League Draft

Cole Critchfield -  14yo ambidextrous pitcher 

Caesars Baseball #6

Good pitching mechanics, nice glove control and follow through. Knows how to locate pitches in the strike zone. Using an ambidextrous glove to pitch. 

Cole Critchfield pitching video - throws right-handed, then left-handed

Switch Pitchers who need to work on their mechanics

Jarett Massey -  Clovis, CA
Jarett is a young switch pitcher who could do well with professional pitching instruction. His pitches are around the strikezone, but he needs work on bimechanics including controlling the glove side.
Glove: Switch pitches using two separate Rawlings gloves.
Dominant hand: right-handed
Jarett Massey pitching video - throws left-handed, then right-handed

Note the lack of glove control - the glove moves way behind his back on the follow through - putting the glove out of position for fielding balls hit up the middle. Left-handed, Jarett separates his hands early, opens up too soon and lands open, resulting pitches out of the strike zone. Right-handed, he tilts backward on the leg lift, putting him off balance, then he opens up too early on the throw.

  Jesse Harris - 12yo, demos use of ambidextrous glove
Jesse Harris is ambidextrous and pitches with a custom made six finger glove made by Mizuno. 
Jesse Harris pitching video - left and right-handed
Fun to watch, but note the poor throwing mechanics and lack of glove control. A short stride plus the unbalanced landing results in the pitcher falling off the side of the mound. With the glove way behind the back, it would be difficult to field grounders or hard hits back to the pitcher. 

Video of Jesse Harris pitching in a game. He throws some good pitches, but notice the lack of glove control. It looks like he gave up some hits/walks since there were three different runners on second base (#21, 1, 14).

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RainierBaseball - YouTube

Featuring ambidextrous pitchers from Little League, high school, college and the minor league.


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