Monday, May 11, 2015

Two switch pitchers threw in the same game

Have there ever been two switch pitchers on a team?
Andrew Pullin
(photo: Clearwater Threshers)

Yes, Andrew Pullin and Drew Vettleson, from Washington. were switch pitchers for the NW Timberjacks 18U team.

These talented baseball players were both recruited to play in college, and were also drafted out of high school by MLB teams.

In 2015, Pullin and Vettleson who are good hitters - play outfield in the minor leagues.

Did two ambidextrous pitchers ever throw in the same game?

Yes. In one summer game, Andrew Pullin was the starting switch pitcher, and ambidextrous Drew Vettleson closed out the game.
Drew Vettleson
(photo: Harrisburg Senators)

Listen to Andrew Pullin talk about the unique experience

I think this event belongs in the Guinness World Records or Ripley's Believe It or Not!

Threshers Spotlight: Andrew Pullin
Former Switch-Pitcher at Ease in the Outfield
By Kirsten Karbach / Clearwater Threshers 04/24/2015

Switch-pitchers are an odd commodity. Currently, Pat Venditte of the Oakland Athletics system is the only ambidextrous pitcher in professional baseball.
Yet, back when Pullin was in high school, he had the opportunity to play alongside another prospect who also had the ability to deal from either side.
Fellow Washington-native Drew Vettleson, now an outfielder in the Washington Nationals' farm system, served as a switch-pitcher for Central Kitsap High School in Bremerton Washington. While Vettleson was two grades older, he and Pullin had the chance to play on the same summer ball squad.
"For a time when he was a senior and I think I was a sophomore, we played on the same summer ball team, and we actually pitched in the same game - both hands," Pullin says. "I think I pitched six innings and he finished up the last one or two innings.
"It was great. We won, and it was pretty cool..I doubt that's ever happened before."


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