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Hall of Fame player was ambidextrous due to glove shortage

Glove Shortage Made Edd Roush Ambidextrous

The Oregon Daily Journal (Portland, Oregon)  

5 Sep 1920

The story of how Eddie Roush, star outfielder of the Reds, can throw as well with his right hand as with his left dates back to his kid days. He says:

"I have always been a natural southpaw. Throwing and betting left-handed is my regular style. But when I started out as an amateur in my home town in Indiana I found it impossible to secure a right-handed glove (for throwing left-handed).

The only gloves in stock were for the left hand; also I was call upon to play  in the infield a great deal, and a left-handed infielder is not so good, so I learned how to throw with my right hand. I have always batted left-handed, though."
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Roush, Edd | Baseball Hall of Fame

Edd Roush captured the National League batting title in his first full season as a Red in 1917 with a .341 average.

Growing up on a farm in Indiana, he developed extraordinary strength in his arms and hands, allowing him to wield a 48-ounce bat, one of the heaviest ever used.


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