Sunday, March 1, 2015

Do colleges look for switch hitters?


Being a switch will make coaches take notice, especially if you can consistently hit the ball hard from both sides.

Switch hitters are rare in high school - maybe 1 to 2% can switch hit. A good HS switch hitter is very rare since most guys don't get enough reps from both sides of the plate - during games.

Looking at the college rosters there is an average of one switch hitter per team (out of 35 players) in Division 1.

Vanderbilt has 4 switch hitters and they won the College World Series in 2014.

Why are switch hitters rare?
Learn about switch hitters at all levels.

On the decline of switch hitters in the MLB ...

"The real decline that seemingly has led to an increase in reliance on left-handed hitting is the decline in switch-hitting. Back in 1994, 20% of all plate appearances went to switch-hitters, but that total was just 14% last year, continuing a long-term trend away from allocating at-bats to guys who hit from both sides of the plate."  
(source: Dave Cameron, FOX Sports)

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