Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Aubrey McCarty makes debut for Vandy in 2015

Switch Pitcher McCarty throws in first college game

Aubrey McCarty
photo: Vandy Baseball
Vandy's Carson Fulmer strikes out 11 in 16-1 win

By Adam Sparks, asparks@tennessean.com
The Tennessean
Friday, 27 Feb 2015

Joey Abraham and Collin Snider pitched hitless seventh and eighth innings, respectively, and "switch pitcher" Aubrey McCarty, a freshman, made his debut.
McCarty throws right-handed to right-handed batters and lefty to left-handed hitters, a skill he picked up at 11 years old when he injured his right arm and tried throwing from the opposite side.
"It plays a mind game, especially if the other team doesn't know I can do it," McCarty said.
McCarty struck out two right-handed, walked a batter lefty and allowed an RBI triple righty before finishing off the last out.

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