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Top Left-handed Pitchers

Learn about the Top Left-handed Pitchers in Baseball History ...

Top 20 Left-Handed Pitchers with the 
Most Wins in Baseball History

By Vin Getz,, May 13, 2014

These are the 20 left-handed pitchers with the most wins ever – a list that
starts off with some of the greatest pitchers of all time (regardless of handedness)
and finishes off with some respectable, though non-Hall of Famer, dudes, if you will.

Out of the 24 pitchers that have reached the 300-win plateau, only six were
lefties: all-time lefty leader and sixth all-time, 363-win, Warren Spahn,
long-time Philadelphia Phillies’ great Steve Carlton, Eddie Plank,
recent Hall of Famer Tom Glavine, Hall of Famer-to-be Randy Johnson
and the aptly-named Lefty Grove.
The 10 Best Left-Handed Pitchers of All Time
By Alex, Analyst  | Bleacher Report  May 19, 2010 Who's the greatest left-handed pitcher of all time? Ask that question and you'll get a variety of answers. 

Warren Spahn has the most wins, Randy Johnson the most strikeouts, and Lefty Grove the most ERA titles. Oh yeah, Sandy Koufax was pretty good too.  

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The Ten Greatest Left-Handed Pitchers: 

A Legacy Worth Knowing

    1) Warren Spahn — (363–245; 3.09 ERA; ERA+ 118; 382 CG; 63 SHO; 5,243 IP; 8.3 H/9; 2,583 K/ 1,434 BB; K/BB ratio 1.80; 1.195 WHIP)

    Spahn’s 363 wins are the most ever by a left-hander, and the most wins in the live ball era since 1921. His 63 shutouts are also the most in the live ball era by any pitcher. His 2,583 strikeouts were 3rd all-time when he retired. Warren Spahn was inducted into the HOF in 1973. Read more

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