Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Coach Tom Foley is Ambidextrous

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Mon Aug 25 2014 Posted by Richard Griffin, Baseball Columnist
Rays third base coach and master of the shift, Tom Foley is yet another player who took advantage of his time playing in Canada and loved the experience.  The Bullpen caught up with Foley before batting practice on Sunday morning at the Rogers Centre.

RICHARD GRIFFIN: It's a note in every press guide about you being an ambidextrous athlete in high school, throwing righthanded as an infielder and lefthanded as a quarterback. How'd that happen?
TOM FOLEY: I was born lefthanded. My dad played service ball in the military and I would pick up his glove when I was at the ballpark as a kid and I would just start throwing the ball righthanded. But everything else I did lefthanded, except I bowl righthanded too. But I did football and basketball lefthanded and just started throwing the baseball righthanded. That's the way I grew up. It's a little different. There are a couple of people that do it that I know. Steve Christmas was a lefthanded quarterback in Orlando and a righthanded catcher. But that's how it came about with me. Thank God, because I think I could have been a lefthanded pitcher is about all.

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