Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Videos of a switch pitcher throwing Curveballs

Switch pitcher Henry Knight throwing curveballs with both hands. 
Watch the arc of the curveball in slow motion.

Right-handed Curveballs

Knight throwing curveballs right-handed during a bullpen session. 

Last year he added the curveball to his repertoire – throwing curves for strikes with both arms.

Left-handed Curveballs

Knight throwing curveballs left-handed. Watch the pitches in slow motion to see the big arc of the curveball.

Popular nicknames for the curveball include "the bender", "the hook," "Uncle Charlie," "yakker," and "Public Enemy No. 1."

Note about the curveball:
Young players tend to fall in love with the curveball and overuse the pitch in games. I suggest that young players focus on proper throwing mechanics first - including throwing a fastball for strikes - before learning to throw a curveball.

Henry Knight learned the curveball grip when he was in high school and waited until he was 16 before throwing curves in games. As a result, both arms are healthy.

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