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Angel Macias ambidextrous pitcher

Angel Macias, ambidextrous pitcher - threw a perfect
game in the 1957 Little League World Series

Ángel Macías Barba
Monterrey, Mexico
Born: September 2, 1944 in Aguascalientes Mexico
Height: 5' 10",  Weight: 149 lb.
Position: LHP/RHP
Bats: Both
Throws: Both (Ambidextrous)

Ambidextrous pitcher Angel Macias is well known for throwing a perfect game in the 1957 Little League World Series -- right-handed. The compelling story of the '57 Monterrey team was made into two feature films, a 1960 picture in Mexico called Los Pequeños Gigantes (The Little Giants) and a 2008 film in the United States called The Perfect Game.

On return to Mexico, the mayor of Monterrey gave the entire Little League team scholarships to high school and college. Macias attended high school, but did not attend college -- opting instead to sign with the Los Angeles Angles. 

Macias played as an outfielder for two seasons in the Angles organization and advanced to Class A California League. He returned to Mexico to play pro baseball, and ended his career playing for the Monterrey Sultanes in 1974. )


All Mexico is hailing ambidextrous pitcher
Kentucky New Era - May 30, 1960

Could one of the world's finest baseball players be a mere boy of 15?

Millions of Mexicans -- from the Yucatan to Baja California, and especially in booming,  industrial Monterrey -- fervently believe that the 115 pound son of a Monterrey factory worker will perhaps even on day be better known that Babe Ruth.

As a pitcher, Macias is nearly perfect. In addition to being ambidextrous -- pitching as well with right or left arm -- Macias has lost only two games in more than 100 Little, Pony and Colt league contests in which he has served as either right hander or left hander.

He has tossed 11 no-hitters and two perfect games, on in Little league world series competition.

Unlike most baseball prodigies, Macias' pitching success has not been based on speed as much as it has on brain power. He has an assortment of curves and sliders, a good fast ball, excellent change of pace, and control, which he attributes to his rock throwing childhood.

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Angel Macias pitched a perfect game in the 1957 Little League World Series

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