Thursday, July 11, 2013

Switch pitchers throw a variety of pitches from both sides

What types of pitches does an ambidextrous pitcher throw?

Switch pitchers typically throw a fastball, changeup and curveball from both sides.

Physically mature pitchers also use a cutter or slider.

Pat Vendittee - Minor league - Yankees (AAA)

RHP: 93 mph, using a fastball, curveball, and occasional changeup. 
LHP:  86 mph, using mostly sliders.

velocity: throws harder from the right side
role: relief pitcher


Ryan Perez - College - Judson University, Illinois

RHP/LHP: fastball, changeup, curve, cutter, slider

velocity up to low 90s from both sides
role: starting pitcher


Henry Knight - High School - Franklin HS 2015, Seattle

LHP/RHP: fastball, sinker, changeup, curve, cutter, splitter

velocity: throws equal speed from both sides
role: relief pitcher or closer


Little Leaguer - 11-13 years-old

Average pitchers can throw the four-seam fastball for strikes. 
Good pitchers can throw two pitches for strikes – fastball and change-up. 
The best pitchers can locate three pitches – fastball, changeup and curveball. 

velocity: speed of the dominant arm is typically 3 to 5 mph faster than the non-dominant arm
role: starter or relief pitcher


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