Monday, April 1, 2013

Bernie Kastner - ambidextrous pitcher 1969

Bernie Kastner
Amity Little League 1969
Brooklyn, NY

Positions: OF, P
Gloves: two gloves used for pitching

Out of My League
By Dr. Bernie Kastner

Years ago when my father signed me up in Amity Little League at age eight, I was a standout. I started out as a pitcher – to my knowledge I was the only ambidextrous pitcher to be found in those days. I didn't flaunt it, though, except once four years later, I was forced to show off by my coaches. It was in June of 1969, and I was the starting left-fielder for the Amity Little League all-star team. I had insisted on not pitching because of chronic pain in my arm(s) after a game -- so the coaches, knowing a good arm (or two) when they saw one, suggested I play the outfield.

About the Book
  Out of My League is a psychotherapist’s humorous retrospective account of events that took place on the fields of different ethnic softball leagues in south Brooklyn during one season in the year 1985.

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