Saturday, April 13, 2013

Ambidextrous Pitchers in the Negro Leagues

The Negro Leagues produced some of the greatest players of all-time. Read about two ambidextrous switch pitchers who played in the Negro Leagues.

Double Duty Greene - Switch Pitcher

Ulysses Grant Greene was an ambidextrous pitcher for the Indianapolis Clowns in the late 1950s. In 1959,  Two-Way Greene compiled a record of 23 victories.

"A sensation with the Indianapolis Clowns, the six-foot, 165-pounder from Tobaccoville, N. C., often pitches as a lefty, then comes back the next day as a right-hander." (Jet, 1958)

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Larry Kimbrough - Switch hitter and switch pitcher

Larry Kimbrough was a star pitcher in the old Negro Baseball League and a member of the Pennsylvania Sports Hall of Fame. In 1997, School Boy was inducted into the Negro Baseball Hall of Fame in Kansas City. 

As the result of a childhood injury, Larry Kimbrough became both a switch hitter and and switch pitcher, and he carried those abilities all the way to the only major leagues available to a black ballplayer in the early 1940s: the Negro leagues. With his unique talents, he played everwhere: pitcher, infield, outfield, and even catcher on the sandlots after his professional career was over. (The Negro Leagues Revisited)

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The generic label, THE NEGRO LEAGUES, refers to various affiliations of professional black baseball players, extending fom the late nineteenth century to the Jackie Robinson era.

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