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Chuck Mellick - 40-year-old switch pitcher

Mission: To become the first person in history to throw a baseball more than 90 miles an hour with each arm.

Chuck Mellick
Age: 42 (in 2012)
College: Cosumnes River CollegeSacramento, CA
Team: Tracy Yankees (Tracy, CA)Valley Baseball Wood Bat League

Bats: Both
Throws: Both
Dominant throwing arm: Right
Velocity: 91 mph RHP; 83 mph LHP

Chuck Mellick, 38-years-old, aspires to be the first pitcher in history to pitch more than 
90 miles an hour with both his right and left-hand fastball. (YouTube Jun 23, 2008)

Chuck Mellick hits the practice field to throw long ball practice. According to Alan Jaegar on the Manteca Academy website, a long toss of 300 feet equates to roughly a 90 mile-per-hour pitch at 60 feet. Chuck Mellick's right arm long tosses are hitting beyond 350 feet and his left arm max is around 275 feet. (YouTube)

Switch pitcher
by Bob Brownne
Feb 14, 2008

When Tracy Yankees pitcher Chuck Mellick got back into baseball last year, he was about to discover the key to a new level of athletic performance.

Sometime this year, he expects he will throw 90 mph fastballs with both his right and left arms. To Mellick, this feat is about more than just the attainment of a personal goal. It’s a new way to think about how his body and brain work together.
Read more: Tracy Press - Switch pitcher 

Why Chuck Mellick started throwing with both arms 
Mellick is right-handed and developed his skill as a left-handed batter to improve his right-handed swing. He found that switch-hitting improved his throwing as well, so he figured that if he developed his left-handed pitch, he could improve the speed and accuracy of his dominant right-handed throws.Tracy Press

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