Sunday, September 9, 2012

Ambidextrous Pitching Revolution

Venditte: Pitcher or Pioneer?
Staten Island's ambidextrous hurler could spark baseball revolution

There are two sides to every story. This saying holds extra meaning if the story in question involves ambidextrous pitcher Pat Venditte.
Several weeks ago, Venditte enjoyed a brief moment in the national spotlight thanks to the comical nature of his professional debut. 
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Pat Venditte as a switch pitcher for Creighton University.

Young baseball players, inspired by Venditte, are turning to switch pitching...

report by Del Rodgers, May 24, 2011

Young pitcher slings it with both hands

Aiden McNasby, 8, is a lefty -- and righty -- in Roseville West Little League
by Kayla Nix / Roseville Press Tribune  5/25/11

Eight-year-old Aiden McNasby has quite a unique trait — he can pitch right-handed and left-handed.

As a toddler, Aiden would pick up things with both hands and eventually learned to throw with both.

“I was born throwing two pitches, pitching with both hands,” Aiden explained Saturday, dressed in his Pirates uniform for a Roseville West Little League game.

Even older players are turning to switch pitching...

Chuck Mellick aspires to be the first pitcher in history to pitch more than 90 miles an hour with both his right and left-hand fastball. A practitioner of Whole Brain Power, Mellick is drawing the attention of the sports world with his phenomenal pitching skills at 38 years of age (in 2008).

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[Note: Ryan Perez is a switch pitcher who can throw 90 mph with both arms. Read more ]


Ambidextrous Baseball Players in High School
Interesting stories and videos of high school baseball players who switch pitched in games.


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