Sunday, May 20, 2012

Kid Switch Pitchers

Over the years, there have been a few kids who learned to pitch with both arms. Most of the ambidextrous pitchers started throwing with both hands before they played Little League baseball.

Here are some interesting stories and videos of kids who switch pitched in games.

Aiden McNasby is an 8 year old switch pitcher. (2011)

Switch Pitcher at age 14 (indoor bullpen session)
Switch Pitcher and Hitter at age 11 (game video)

Nick Bohannan has been throwing with both arms since he was two-years-old. As an 8th grader he was throwing 65 mph right- and left-handed. Bohannan uses a custom Mizuno glove with six fingers for switch pitching.

13-year-old Ambidextrous Pitcher (FOX2, 2011 video)
Nick "Bo" Bohannan - O'Fallon, Missouri
Nick Bohannan Switch Pitcher, age 11 (2009 video)
9-Year-Old Gives Team Two Pitchers For The Price Of One (

Jesse Harris switch pitching in a game. (2008)
Jesse Harris - demonstrating a custom six-finger Mizuno glove (2007)

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