Saturday, May 5, 2012

How to find a pitching coach

Depending on where you live, it can be very challenging to find a good pitching coach. Here are a few suggestions for finding a pitching coach in your area. Good luck.

One option is to contact a local college baseball coach and ask if they can recommend a pitching coach in your area. Some college coaches hold pitching camps or small group lessons.

Ask a local college pitcher who they trained with when they were in high school. They often can provide suggestions on who to contact for pitching instruction.

In the Seattle area, the University of Washington, Seattle U, and Bellevue College offer excellent baseball camps and clinics. The cost ranges from $40 for a two-hour clinic  -- up to $300 for a six-week class. Figure around $20 to $50/hour for instruction, depending on player/coach ratio.

Baseball Training Facilities:
Most indoor baseball facilities offer pitching lessons. Instructors usually played in college or in the minor leagues.

Greater Seattle: check out the The K Center in Columbia City, Stods Baseball in Bellevue, RIPS Baseball in Burien, and WBI in Woodinville. Driveline Baseball in Puyallup trains some of the top pitchers in Washington and Oregon.

Select Teams:
Select teams often have pitching coaches on staff or they can recommend a coach for private lessons.

Baseball Players:
Former college and pro pitchers sometimes offer pitching lessons.
If you see a good pitcher, ask them - Who is your pitching coach?

Check the local newspaper for baseball camps and select teams. Some pitching coaches place ads in the local paper.

     Camps and Tryouts - Seattle Times

Social Media:
Sign up for a baseball mailing list that announces baseball training programs.
Check Facebook or Twitter to find out about baseball camps.

  For example: su_baseball

Search the Web:
One potential resource is

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