Pitching Grips

knuckleball grip
Start with developing a good fastball. Ball control and movement is more important than velocity. The aim of pitching is to keep batters off balance and mess with their timing. 

Get a Grip - four seam, two seam and claw grips

How to throw a cutter

Pitching Grips with Stony Brook Pitching Coach Mike Marron.

Four seam fastball, two seam fastball, slider, and changeup grips. 
Throw with a fastball mindset.

Pitch Grips with Trevor Bauer

Four seam fastball, changeup/cut change, slider, reverse slider, 
curveball, & splitter grips.

Tips: Use a comfortable grip, set the wrist position, and throw it like a fastball.


by Steven Ellis, former Chicago Cubs pitching pro


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