Thursday, January 6, 2011

Get a Grip

Four-Seam Grip

The basic baseball grip is the four-seam or across seam grip. The four-seam grip is used for throwing fastballs that will stay up longer and move in a straight path to the target. The more spin, the faster the ball cuts through the air.

Use the four-seam grip for infield throws to bases and cut-off throws from the outfield.

Two-Seam Grip

To get movement on your fastball, try a two-seam grip held with the fingers along the seams. The ball will drop and move when thrown well.

Claw Grip

Young players often use all of their fingers to hold and throw a baseball. Some players call this the three finger grip or box grip - used for the change-up by older players. These throws are slow, but more accurate for young players with small hands.

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