Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Brandon Garza - Ambidextrous pitcher from Texas

Ambidextrous Texas high school baseball player is a switch pitcher 
 Brandon Garza has been clocked at better than 80 miles per hour with either arm.

By Mitch Stephens | MaxPreps.com - May 14, 2018

A natural right-hander, Garza told his dad as a 4-year-old he also wanted to throw with his left hand. 

Over the years, he's utilized both arms, pitching with one each game. This season, for the first time, he's pitched with different arms in the same game. 

In his first 11 starts this season, Garza was 7-4 and a 2.56 ERA in 65.2 innings. He reportedly can throw 88 miles per hour with his right hand and at least 80 mph as a lefty.
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Ambidextrous high school pitcher at College Park High School

College Park High School baseball pitcher Brandon Garza pitches with both his right and left arms.
Watch video feature on YouTube - KHOU 11

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