Sunday, March 25, 2018

Working out like Nelson Cruz

Nelson Cruz says it's important to work out throughout the season...

Fighting Father Time: Inside Nelson Cruz’s maniacal preparation that keeps him a star at 37


Seattle Times staff reporter

“My first full year, I was with Kane County and I killed it in the first half (of the season). It was crazy. I was an All-Star and hitting .280 with like 16 homers,” he said. “In my second half, I only hit like four homers and my average dropped. I hit the wall because I wasn’t working out. So the next year, I decided I needed to do it all year. And I’ve been doing it ever since.”

It’s a learned process that is integral to his success.

If I don’t do my workouts and my routine, I’m not ready to play,” says Nelson Cruz. For him, it’s an all-encompassing process that addresses strength, flexibility, nutrition, recovery and hitting.

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