Thursday, May 18, 2017

Does the pitch count double for a switch pitcher?


Do you know if there are USSSA rules allowing a pitcher to throw a certain amount of innings with one arm, and start over the inning count with the other in a different game possibly? Or has that been looked into by the larger youth baseball organizations?

A: Typically, the pitch limit is per pitcher, not each arm. So, a Little League ambidextrous pitcher has the same pitch count as any other pitcher (the count does not double). This is true for most leagues that I have researched.

Advice: Stick with the standard pitch count in youth leagues. This is the safe approach.

Comment: I like to see a few kids pitch in games, rather than one pitcher. Kids enjoy a chance to pitch in a game, even for one or two innings.

As a coach, it was a better strategy to rotate pitchers and keep the arms fresh. It also kept the hitters off balance when they had to adjust to a new pitcher. Once hitters see a pitcher a second or third time in a game, then hitting becomes easier.

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