Thursday, November 17, 2016

Konnor Pilkington switched from righty to lefty

Proof that one can change throwing arms at age 10

Ambidextrous pitcher adapts in rotation

Konnor Pilkington has provided Mississippi State with a southpaw option in its starting pitching rotation all season.
However, Pilkington has not always been left-handed. In fact, the freshman is ambidextrous and did not begin to primarily throw with his left hand until around the age of 10.
“When I was little I would throw a baseball right-handed,” Pilkington said. “I’d always hit right-handed too but one day I wanted to try something different so I just started throwing left-handed and got more comfortable throwing that way. It’s the same thing with hitting. I just wanted to be left-handed I guess.”

Note: Konnor is note actually an ambidextrous pitcher, he is a left-handed pitcher who is ambidextrous.

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