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Switch pitcher Jurrangelo Cijntje in Little League World Series

Jurrangelo Cijntje

POSITION:  Pitcher, Infielder

TEAM:  Caribbean

Jurrangelo Cijntje #2
photo: Baseball Factory
Jurrangelo Cijntje, a small ambidextrous pitcher from Curaçao playing in Little League World Series uses two different gloves to throw right- and left-handed. This means that his strategy is to pitch with one arm until he struggles, then he switches gloves to throw with the other arm. He used this strategy in the LLWS.

He started out throwing lefty in his first game against South Korea - but he was wild and walked batters. In fact, he didn't have any command until he changed gloves and started pitching right-handed. This was strange since he is naturally left-handed and you would expect good control with his natural side, but he pitched much better right-handed.

Jurrangelo Cijntje tallied 90 pitches in 4 1/3 innings for an average of 21 pitches per inning which is very high for a starting pitcher. You would expect a starting pitcher to average around 14 pitches per inning to get through a 6 inning game with an 85 pitch limit.

He struck out 6 batters, mainly on high pitches - typical of aggressive Little Leaguers chasing the high fastball.

Breaking the Rules: 
Pitching lefty with the bases loaded in the first, Cijntje threw two balls to a right-handed batter (2-0 count), then the coached called time and brought out another glove so the pitcher could switch to throw right-handed. Switching arms during an at-bat is not allowed in Little League. The pitcher took 8 warmup throws, three tosses behind the mound, then five pitches (against the rules). When a pitcher switches arms they are not allowed warmup throws!

The umpire #77 had to talk with the officials behind the backstop to check on the rules for ambidextrous pitchers (umpire was confused). After a long delay, the pitcher switched gloves again to finish pitching left-handed to the batter. He landed up walking in a run on a 3-1 count. This was a horrible first inning for a starting pitcher.

As a lefty Cijntje threw 13 balls and 5 strikes - without recording an out.
3 walks and HBP - Yikes!

Switch to Right-handed to retire batters...

After switching to pitch right-handed, Cijntje struck out two batters, then hit the next batter - forcing in a run with the bases loaded. Luckily, he got the final batter to hit a weak chopper back to the mound for a 1-3 groundout. Again, he looked much better throwing right-handed.

30 pitches thrown in the 1st inning. He gave up 2 runs without a hit in the inning.

The coach thought that his pitcher was nervous to at the start of the game and it showed.

I like this kid - it takes a lot of practice to throw with both arms, but he didn't show that he was effective throwing left-handed. His pitches were way off the mark. He didn't seem comfortable pitching left-handed against the South Korea team.

Tip - Learn the Rules
Switch Pitching 101: Little League Rule for Ambidextrous Pitchers

Tip - Communicate with the Umpires
Coaches should talk with the umpires before the start of the game to make sure everyone understands the rules for an ambidextrous pitcher. This communication helps the flow of the game.

Time to buy an ambidextrous glove!

A 13 year-old player at this level should use a special glove for switch pitching. The Akadema model would do the trick for a little more the $100. A pitcher can buy a custom ambidextrous glove for only $230.

He was the first ambidextrous pitcher to throw in the LLWS in almost 60 years.

Angel Macias pitched a perfect game in the 1957 Little League World Series

Game Video

Jurrangelo Cijntje from Curaçao makes the fascinating switch from throwing left-handed to throwing right-handed during the middle of the 1st inning.

Watch the video

Curacao hurler throws left and right handed against Seoul in Little League World Series

By John Beauge | Special to PennLive 
on August 19, 2016

SOUTH WILLIAMSPORT-A Curacao player did something Friday that has not been done at the Little League World Series in 60 years – pitch both right handed and left.
Jurrangelo Cijntje started the game against Seoul, South Korea, throwing left handed.

According to Little League, the 85 maximum pitches is for the body not an arm. That is the reason Cijntje could not have switched back to a lefty and kept pitching.
Officials believe he is first ambidextrous pitcher since Angel Macias in 1957 for Monterrey, Mexico. Macias is the only pitcher to hurl a perfect game in the world championship contest.
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Cijntje is a natural left hander, but he struggled to throw strikes and switched to pitch right-handed. After throwing 90 pitches, he switched positions to play shortstop right-handed.

Jurrangelo Cijntje | Stats and Spray Charts | GameChanger

Baseball Factory Scouting Report with Video
PITCHING 1. Throws with both arms (RHP & LHP) 2. Commands the zone 3. Mixes pitches well

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