Friday, August 7, 2015

McLish May Become Ambidextrous Hurler 1944

The Wilker-Barre Record (PA), 10 Jun 1944

The recent demise of Tony Mullane, ambidextrous pitcher of the old-time Cincinnati Reds who shut the New York Metropolitans five times in one season (1887), put a spotlight on a new Brooklyn Dodger rookie, Calvin McLish, 18-year-old Oklahoma City high school pitcher, who may become the first ambidextrous big league pitcher of modern times.

To the query, "Throw right or left?" Clavin's answer is, "right- also left, to a certain extent." Leroy Jarvis, Dodger catching rookie who brought Cal to camp this spring, says, "He can throw as well with his left hand as any of the others can with their right."

Young Calvin is entitled to be nicknamed "Chief," having American-Indian blood in his ancestry. Down home, however, being part-Indian is no great oddity, so the nickname he brought is "Buster," meaning chubby cheeks in grammar school days.

Cal McLish, ambidextrous baseball player


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