Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Tips on Breaking in a Baseball Glove

The best way to break in a baseball glove is to play catch daily. Throwing and catching is more fun than pounding a glove and it will help to improve your skills.

New gloves have enough conditioner or oil, so there is no need to add any more.

Avoid all the quick ways that are used to speed up breaking in a glove – soaking in water, baking in oven, or microwaving – it will make the leather dry out and reduce the life of the glove. Some people like to pound the pocket with a special mallet, but this is often already done by the manufacturer.

What Not to Do When Breaking-In a Baseball Glove

How do you break in an ambidextrous glove?

For breaking in an ambidextrous glove, I suggest alternating throwing arms every other day. Throw right-handed one day, then throw left-handed the next.

Have fun playing catch!

Extending Glove Life
Henry Knight used the same Akadema Ambidextrous glove for four years of high school. He practiced with separate right- or left-handed gloves, then used the ambidextrous glove for bullpens and games.

The gloves were stored in a cool dry place, with a couple of baseballs in the webbing to maintain the shape. Make sure the glove is cleaned off after use.


Breaking in a Glove - tips
• Excessive glove conditioner/oil will damage and shorten the life of a new glove.
• Store your glove in a dry place with a ball in the pocket to maintain shape.
• Play catch daily until the glove is ready for game play.


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