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Ambidextrous Pitcher Kazimer Nevulis 1935

Ambidextrous Pitcher Found 

Michigan State Coach Enthusiastic Over New York State Youth.

Shamokin News-Dispatch (Shamokin, PA) 7 Mar 1935

A rare oddity of baseball - an ambidextrous pitcher - has been uncovered at Michigan State College by Coach John Kobs, head mentor of the sport at the institution.

He is Kazimer Nevulis, a sophomore twirler form Amsterdam, N.Y., who aspires to become a fixture of the state mound staff during the forthcoming season.

And in the words of Coach Kobs: "He not only throws with both hands, but pitches with both."

The Amsterdam sophomore has a varied assortment, which he serves up from the right side, while his delivery from the port side is limited to a fast ball and curves. In his words: "I pitched better with the right."

While Nevulis is not the first pitcher to throw the ball up to the plate from both sides, Coach Kobs is inclined to believe his ability is more equally divided.

As a freshman he played the infield for the yearlings, but moving up to the varsity squad he believes he stands a better chance on the mound.

For the last two years he has confined his throwing to the right sides, but now is determined to return to his former style of serving them up from both sides -- which he did capably in semi-pro ball in New York State and in high school. He says it will take a couple of months to round the left arm into usual shape.

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Graduate of Michigan State
Born June 18, 1912, Mr. Nevulis attended local schools in Amsterdam, N.Y. and received his degree from Michigan State College where he was active in baseball and basketball. After college, he became a Junior High teacher.

Kazimer Nevulis lettered in baseball at Michigan State 1937 (source)

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