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Rafe Milo - Ambidextrous Pitcher in Japan

Rafe Milo

Nickname: the Hydra, or in Japanese "Orochi."
Hometown: Tokyo, Japan

Positions: Pitcher, CF, 1B
Bats: Both
Throws: Both (ambidextrous)

Team: Honshu Rounders Baseball Club, Japan
Milo is captain of the Oak Squad.

Rafe Milo is a young switch hitter and ambidextrous pitcher who plays Little League baseball in Tokyo, Japan. His father, Mitchell Milo, is the Head Coach of the Honshu Rounders Baseball Club, and writes a blog about "Coaching a Switch Pitcher."
Rafe Milo pitching right-handed in Japan

As a 13-year-old switch pitcher, Milo throws a 4-seam, 2 seam, & 3- finger fastball; 3-finger change up; palm-ball and knuckleball. That's a large array of pitches to keep hitters off-balance. 

In games, he pitches with one arm – which is a good strategy for a young pitcher. During practice - which can last up to 5 hours - he alternates days throwing right- and left-handed.

How Rafe Milo got started throwing with both arms

"I started my son at soccer when he was five as its a good first sport, and in soccer the key to any future is to have both feet solid. When we began baseball at about 7 I thought I would work him on both sides to build strength in balance and not have one whole side stronger than the other, for that leads to injuries. Yet when I started practicing both sides at hitting and pitching I said to myself, "that's about the same in ability!" I thought I would continue until it became plain that he just couldn't do it .. and here we are 6 years later. "
– Mitch Milo
Switch hitter Rafe Milo at third base
Rafe Milo on Facebook 
This page follows the development of a baseball player who is a switch pitcher and switch hitter who plays in Japan.

Rafe Milo's website - with baseball stats

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