Saturday, December 10, 2011

Fastball Speed: Windup vs Stretch

Is there a difference in velocity when pitching from the Windup or Stretch?
I ran across this interesting article that answers the question.

Does the stretch cost a pitcher fastball speed?

Posted by Mike Fast  - The Hardball Times

It's often said that the stretch costs a pitcher 2-3 miles an hour off his fastball, and (considering how easy that is to check) I'll assume that's roughly accurate. (Rob Neyer)
It is very easy to check, and it turns out that it's not accurate at all. A pitcher's fastball speed turns out to be almost identical with runners on base as compared to his average fastball speed with the bases empty. If anything, the average starting pitcher throws about 0.1 mph harder with runners on base.

Read the article on The Hardball Times


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