Saturday, October 1, 2011

Best baseball movie ever

Since the movie "Moneyball" was released this year people are asking:

What is the best baseball movie ever made?

The Seattle Times recently published a survey on the topic:

Readers' choice: And the best baseball movie ever is ...

"Field of Dreams" edged runner-up "The Natural" and No. 3 "Bull Durham" in voting this week for the best baseball movie ever. "Moneyball" was a distant ninth in our Take 2 poll.

1."Field of Dreams"
2. "The Natural" 
3. "Bull Durham"
4. "Major League"
5. "The Bad News Bears"
6. "The Pride of the Yankees"
7. "A League of their Own"
8. "Eight Men Out"
9. "Moneyball" 
10. "Bang the Drum Slowly"
(source: The Seattle Times)

What are your favorite baseball movies?

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  1. I enjoy watching "Major League" and "The Sandlot" with my kids. Or when the baseball team is losing, we laugh along with the "The Bad News Bears"