Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Trenton switch-pitcher Pat Venditte takes on the Squirrels

Pat Venditte, 25, is professional baseball's only ambidextrous pitcher. When right-handed batters step up to the plate, Venditte throws right-handed. When lefties are at bat, then Venditte pitches left-handed, mainly throwing sliders.

What happens when he faces a switch-hitter such as Flores, as was the case in the sixth inning Thursday?

Baseball created a rule to address the situation. Venditte is required to declare which arm he will use before the switch-hitter enters the batter's box. As Flores approached the plate, Venditte raised his right arm, indicating he would pitch right-handed.

"Whatever he wants. Doesn't matter to me," said Flores, who batted left-handed and struck out.

Trenton's Venditte shows Richmond his switch-pitching ability
By JOHN O'CONNOR, Richmond Times-Dispatch
Published: April 29, 2011

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