Alex Trautner - Cabrillo College

Ambidextrous Pitcher
Alex Trautner, freshman year

Cabrillo College - Seahawks2017 stats
Coast Athletic Conference

Creighton University (redshirt freshman) 

Collegiate Summer Team: Neptune Beach Pearl, Alameda, CA

Positions: LHP/RHP
Height/Weight: 6'3" 215 lbs

Throws: Both, switch pitcher 
Dominant hand: right

RHP: four-seam and two-seam fastball,  curveball, circle change-up, and slider.

LHP: same pitches, but no slider.

The Seahawks call Trautner by multiple names: Rautner when he throws right-handed, Lautner when he throws left-handed and Bautner if he throws with both hands.

On the season, Trautner (5-5) holds a 3.84 ERA with 60 strikeouts and 27 walks in 70 1/3 innings. Cabrillo doesn’t keep track of statistics for each arm.
Trautner’s ability to throw with either hand has helped keep Cabrillo’s bullpen fresh. The San Ramon Valley High alum’s goal this season was to give his coaches flexibility with the pitching staff and help his team win.

San Ramon Valley High School (2014) Danville, CA

Positions: LHP/RHP, First Base, Catcher
Height/Weight: 6'3" 200 lbs
Bats: Both
Throws: Both, switch pitcher

Velocity / Pitches:
RHP = 87 mph FB, curveball, and change-up.
LHP = 83 mph FB, curveball, and change-up.

Ambidextrous Glove
Mizuno custom six-finger glove with two thumbs

A 6'3" switch pitcher from Northern California, Alexander Trautner throws a fastball, curveball and change-up from either side. Right-handed he reaches 87 mph and left-handed he touches 83 mph.   

Alexander Trautner fields firstbase left-handed, and behind the plate he is a right-handed catcher.

Alex Trautner (TrautDaddy) on Twitter

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